We, the community of Saint Elizabeth empowered by the Holy Spirit, are the instruments that enables all, bound together in love and thanksgiving, to realize that the Lord is our Savior. This is achieved through worship, the proclamation of the Word, mutual concern and service.

Our Parish
70 Years of Persistance…

Since its conception, the Roman Catholic Parish of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary has been a place of growth and diversity. It was not long after the parish’s founding, that the Benedictine Monks of Saith Mary’s Abbey, Morristown, took charge of the parish. Under their guidance, the present church was completed in 1952. The same growth and diversity that has come to characterize Saint Elizabeth’s Parish through the years, now requires that major aspects of our parish’s physical plant be updated so as to meet the needs of our growing parish family.

How Would Our Parish Benefit from Your Participation in a Successful Capital Campaign?

For over a century, the parish families of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary families of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, have devoted their time, talent and treasure towards the building of Linden, New Jersey’s first Roman Catholic parish. Their legacy is one of closely woven hard work and faith. The present parish physical plant gives testimony to this legacy. If these structures are to continue to bear witness to the faith of our predecessors and provide for our present and future needs, rehabilitative actions must be taken to insure their soundness and usefulness.

  • Refurbish the Pipe Organ
  • Repair wall plaster near one of the stained glass windows
  • Replace Church leaders and gutters
  • Repair church front steps
  • Replace missing church roof tiles
  • Improve Parish landscaping
  • Repair Rectory windows

If our plan to rehabilitate our parish are to become a reality, we will need to raise a minimum of $350,000. Your participation is greatly needed.

A Century of Faith
A Future of Hope
Called to New Evangelization


Gifts that can be memorialized are listed below. The amount of the memorial may not be in direct relationship to the actual cost however, it is a means for you to memorialize your loved ones while helping defray the overall rehabilitation cost.

Church Organ

Rectory Window Repair

The Parking Lot

Church Building

Leaders & Gutters
Tiles on Roof
Plaster on Wall
Front Church Steps

The Parish Landscaping

My Friend,

I’m so glad that you’re taking the time to get to know us. I pray that you and your family are all safe and healthy during this unprecedented time that is affecting the lives of so many.
Who are we at St. Elizabeth of Hungary?  What are we about? We’re about open doors.  And open minds. And open hearts.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you’ve done, whatever you’re going through, wherever you find yourself today on the journey of faith, you are welcome here. This is a place to belong. This is a place to become. 

St Elizabeth of Hungary is a place to make friends – and to make progress, to grow in faith and hope and love, to grow closer to Christ. We’re working on caring better for one another – and we’re working on serving the needs of the community around us. We are living the Gospel Message!

We’re working on being a real family, a family of faith.  And we’re eager to welcome you home. 
Come and see.  And come “as you are.”  And when you do, make sure you find me, I’d love to meet you!  

I look forward to the day when we may ALL gather once more, without restrictions.

Please know that you are loved and cared for,

Fr. Ed

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Returning to Grace: A Pastoral Letter on the Eucharist from Cardinal Tobin


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Saturday or Sunday1:00pm (one family at a time)

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Mission Statement

We, the community of Saint Elizabeth empowered by the Holy Spirit, are the instruments that enables all, bound together in love and thanksgiving, to realize that the Lord is our Savior.  This is achieved through worship, the proclamation of the Word, mutual concern and service.

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